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ASF delivered to Kasolvenzia a new Collection System

Advantage Software Factory and KSI Kasolvenzia Endeks SA have signed the final acceptance of the new Collection System.

The new system is derived from ASF’s Collection product Capone and it is enriched with features specific for a debt collection agency.

The software improves the effectiveness and control over the collection processes and offers to KSI a powerful set of productivity features that enables the management of flows for different industries like banking, telecom, credit insurance, life insurance, cosmetics, distribution and B2B.

New Collection System to Kasolvenzia

Advantage Software Factory(ASF) is to deliver to Kasolvenzia Endeks Romania SA, a new Collection System that will support company’s core activities: debt collection and the accounts receivables management.

Kasolvenzia is part of KG EOS Holding GmbH & Co. which consist of 20 subsidiaries in thirteen countries.

The new system will improve the effectiveness and control over the collection processes and will offer new and improved functionalities like: queues management, collection strategies, commissioning, payment allocations, internet access and support for different currencies.

Capone V4 in production at MobiFon S.A.

Capone V4 went live, making it another success story for ASF and Mobifon. The project had ambitious objectives and a tight deadline, but ASF team delivered the system in time, also assuring a smooth migration from the old version.

Another important success factor was the strong collaboration with MobiFon project team, making this project a very pleasant experience.

This version implements an extremely flexible data model that dramatically increases the system adaptability to changing business rules, complex billing plans and client hierarchies. New modules were also added, including High Usage Monitoring functionality.


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